Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation

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Supervised Visitation is a Happy Family Clinical Services facilitated contact between children or youths and their biological parents, relatives and their significant others, at an approved site. These interactions enable parents to engage with their child for an approved scheduled period.

What is the process for a visit?

The visiting parent will arrive at the Happy Family and be greeted by the Case Worker. The Case Worker will answer questions or share information with the parent as needed. For the initial visit, with will include the Safety and Security Policy as well as the Rules of Engagement. The parent will be escorted to the designated visitation room and prepare for the visit.

When the child will arrives at the designated time, the child will be greeted. The Case Worker will answer any questions or share information as needed, and then escort the child to the visitation room. The Case Worker will remain with the family for the entire visit.

During the visit the Visiting Parent and child can play games, sit and talk, make crafts, etc. as they spend time together. The Case Worker will always be seated within hearing distance of the conversation. The Case Worker will intervene if a visitation guideline is violated, and terminate a visit if the child is being harmed in any way.

Near the end of the visit, the Case Worker will prompt the Visiting Parent to begin cleaning the visitation room and preparing the child for leaving. At the end of the visit. the Case Supervisor will escort the child to meet the Transporting Parent/Guardian. The Transporting Parent/Guardian and child will leave Happy Family and the area. The Visiting Parent will complete cleaning the visitation room and will remain in the visitation room. The Visiting Parent will not leave the Happy Family until dismissed by the Case Worker.

The Happy Family Supervised Visitation Program is a fully credentialed service, and as an added support for providing A+ quality service, Happy Family is also a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN—

As a SVN member we, have access to professional forums for networking and sharing of information about supervised child access services. We also agree to abide by standards for the practice of supervised visitation and exchange services.

• SVN members collect and make available research relevant to safe child access services.

• SVN members attend local, regional and national training’s to improve the quality of services they offer.

Supervised Visitation Network