Doctrine Of Male Empowerment (D.O.M.E.)

Male Empowerment

The Doctrine Of Male Empowerment (D.O.M.E.) Program

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The D.O.M.E program provides young men with the tools for entering the world unfazed by negative stereotypes. In addition, the understanding of the use and purpose of code switching. Therefore, enabling them to chip away at the barriers they see as keeping them back. This helps them to combat the fear of failure and fear of success. As a result, we make their empowerment important to our young men because they are faced with an ever-increasing barrage of negativity.  This program allows them to benefit from the effect of positive role modeling and positive peer support.

D.O.M.E. is a place:

  • Where young men learn that they can be successful gentlemen.
  • Where collaboration and business development are fostered through encouragement and community service.
  • To release the possibility within.

This program. is delivered in three phases

Mentoring/D.O.M.E. Partner

D.O.M.E. Partner work with each member as a mentor and empowerment guide,  while setting and assist g them  in obtaining “Goal Nuggets.”  “Goal Nuggets,” are supporting blocks of the future.  Furthermore, each nugget represents a hope, dream or accomplishment waiting to be achieved.

D.O.M.E. Group

D.O.M.E. members are invited to participate in a weekly group discussion about relevant topics related to young men, growth, and empowerment. The Happy Family Clinical Services curriculum reflects topics that rotate on a 16-week cycle, with periodic topic refreshes to remain current.  This therapeutic group allows D.O.M.E. members to voice their opinion and obtain advice.  It is the responsibility of the  members to  ensure attendance (80% attendance is needed for graduation)

D.O.M.E. Activity/Graduation

Each group cycle D.O.M.E. members participate in group activities and graduation.  Each activity incorporates male empowerment, teamwork and strength building because though every member may not be a leader of many, they will be a leader of self!