Fatherhood Program

What is the Fatherhood Lessons In Practice (F.L.I.P.) Program? 

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The F.L.I.P. Program aims to work with men that are trying to become better fathers to their children. We use a strength-based and supportive approach to help fathers recognize their role as a parent. In the F.L.I.P. Program, we emphasize that fathering is unique and different from mothering, just as there are special attributes that women provide for the family, men also bring special attributes that can not be replicated.
The goal of the F.L.I.P. Program is to help men recognize how their family relationships (specifically their experiences with or without their father) determine how they parent. We also attempt to build on the skills fathers already possess and to teach them additional skills that will help them become better dads, be involved in their children’s lives and have positive relationships with their children and the mother of their children in the future.
Participation in the F.L.I.P. Program is voluntary. A father is considered a member of the F.L.I.P. Program if he is currently involved in one of the services offered by the F.L.I.P. Program or if he was previously involved and has maintained interest. The services provided by the F.L.I.P. Program are as follows:

Weekly groups are held on Thursday’s at the below locations and times

Group Time Location Name/Address
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Happy Family Clinical Services LLC – 530 State Street, New Haven, CT 06511

– In-Home contact
– Supervision of visits for non-custodial fathers
– Case management
– Annual Father’s Day Cookout